April 15, 2015

On April 4, Star & Shield’s Copout Adventures aired across 210 TV markets in the US on Destination America. The show, produced by SVAD Film BFA student Tyler Marino, and Marino’s company, Nebula Productions, will be wrapping up its first season mid-May.

Star & Shield’s Copout Adventures is a national television show about giving back to our Hometown Heroes. With the support from Star & Shield Insurance Exchange, the show takes firefighters and law enforcement officers, who have been injured in the line of duty, out on an outdoor adventure to reward them for their service.

In early 2014 Jeff Brown, the director and host of Star & Shield’s Copout Adventures, hired Marino to produce the show. Marino started on the show just before entering the Film BFA Program. Reflecting on his experience Marino explains, “Being in the Film program while producing the show has been incredibly helpful, as I had the support and advice from the esteemed faculty, especially Lisa Peterson. I can confidently say that this real-world experience and the formal education at UCF Film have complemented each other perfectly.”

SVAD Associate Instructor Lisa Peterson adds, “Tyler Marino exemplifies what is achievable by our students. Tyler came into our program with a lot of production experience under his belt. He has brought that to the classroom and has been able to apply the coursework to his professional development. In addition, he hires other SVAD film students to work on his production, so we all benefit.”

You can find more information about Star & Shield’s Copout Adventures on their website.

Follow Nebula Production’s website for more information about their projects.

SVAD Associate Instructor Lisa Peterson and Film BFA student Tyler Marino
From left to right, Tyler Marino, Producer of COPOUT, Jeff Brown, Director of COPOUT, Star and Shield representative Allen Durham, corporate sponsor of COPOUT.