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April 4, 2018
Dr. Barbara Gannon was recently featured on a panel at UVA to discuss her recent book.
Dr. Barbara Gannon appeared on the Florida Frontiers radio program to discuss the sacrifice both black and white Union soldiers made to preserve the Union. On the show, Gannon also spoke on the Grand Army of the Republic, which was the first post-Civil War veterans organization founded in 1866. The organization was the first organization where both black and white Union soldiers from all branches were members.
“The GAR was the largest veterans organization of the Union army,” said Gannon. “Unlike every other social or political organization of its time, it was integrated and understood itself as an integrated organization.”
You can listen to the program by visiting this link.
In addition to her appearance on Florida Frontiers, Gannon also took part in a panel at UVA to speak about her most recent book, Americans Remember Their Civil War. During the talk, Gannon speaks on memory in regards to the Civil war.
To hear Dr. Gannon’s talk at UVA, visit this link.