September 26, 2017

The UCF Community Veterans History Project, coordinated by the History Department’s Dr. Barbara Gannon, has been awarded the Anne J. Caudal Foundation Grant. The Anne J. Caudal Foundation’s grant helps to fund the UCF CVHP’s efforts to collect the stories of veterans in the Central Florida community as well as employ and educate students to work in many facets of the project, including interviewing veterans and processing the interviews to be archived in the UCF Library Special Collections and the Library of Congress.
The Anne J. Caudal Foundation’s mission to “perpetuate the recognition or memory of veterans’ accomplishments or sacrifice in time of war or otherwise” directly aligns with the goals of the UCF CVHP, through the goal of capturing the stories of Central Florida veterans and preserving these histories for future generations. The UCF CVHP has worked with the Anne J. Caudal Foundation for the past four years and is excited to continue its aligned mission in the coming year.
This year the project plans to host a series of events in November for Veterans Month to honor our nation’s veterans in addition to the continued effort to collect, to preserve, and share the experiences of American military veterans.
If you are interested in learning more about the UCF CVHP or the over five hundred interviews housed in the project’s collection, you can visit the University of Central Florida Community Veterans History Project webpage at: