November 2, 2016

The Daytona State College Writing Center welcomes UCF alumnus Mikael Romo as their new writing specialist. Mikael is a 2015 graduate from UCF with a BA in Writing and Rhetoric. He had this to say about the Writing and Rhetoric major:

“Writing & Rhetoric is an intellectually challenging major; it can change not just how you write but how you think. One of the things I learned is that by assessing the context in which communication takes place–whether it’s oral or written–you yourself will be in a better position to communicate. This kind of realization helps me do my job well as a full-time writing specialist at the Daytona State College Writing Center.”

While attending UCF, Mikael worked as a writing consultant at the University Writing Center, which helped prepare him for his different roles at DSC. Mikael explains his position and his various tasks:

“My position as a writing specialist involves several roles. I tutor DSC students at both our main campus at Daytona Beach as well as Deltona. I facilitate four sections of a class called English Studio, which is meant to give additional support to students who are taking ENC 1101. I also host workshops for professors who need their class to be caught up on a particular writing skill or skill set.”

Mikael also had some great input about considering the future possibilities when choosing a major:

“As a prospective student, the thing you’ve got to realize is that the true value of a major comes from what you make out of it. As a UCF alumnus with a B.A. in Writing & Rhetoric, I made my education not just a means to employment but also an actual part of my critical thinking process, which I will use no matter what role I find myself in.”

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric congratulates Mikael Romo on his new position at Daytona State College!