December 12, 2019

Two soon-to-be graduates of the BFA in Studio Art program, Titus Thomas and Rex Hammack, share their interesting stories along with their interesting art. The two students were recently part of the BFA exhibition Allegoria in the UCF Art Gallery.

Overcoming an Uncertain Childhood, Graduate Paints to Explain the Past

Titus Thomas (who creates under the name Titus Cartwright) lived in eight foster homes before he found his adoptive forever family and now wants to give hope to others in the same situation.

He was 8 when he entered the foster care system, the result of abuse and neglect by parents whose parental rights were later terminated. By 16 when he was adopted, he had lived with eight foster families in seven states, a complicated and stressful situation that often is hard to overcome.

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Art Student Views Life After Graduation as a New Canvas

“Art has always been about letting go of your preconceived notions of how things should work and just allowing the best of what’s possible to unfurl naturally,” says Rex Hammack.

Surrealism artist Rex Hammack will graduate at next week’s fall commencement with a firm grasp of himself as a professional. He views his life as an artist much like he does a plain white canvas: an opportunity—limited only by his own imagination and talents—to make works of art.

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