February 28, 2023
Terrance Jackson at the 2022 Shine project performance.

Theatre alum Terrance Jackson ’13 is helping Barter Theatre in Virginia strengthen its relationship with communities of color as Barter’s Outreach and Black Stories Black Voices leader. Like most theaters in America, Barter Theatre began as a predominantly white institution. In recent years, Barter has made efforts to employ more people of color and give them a platform to share their stories. But they also understood that they needed to strengthen their outreach and build relationships with communities of color, and that’s where Jackson comes in.

“Our statement of intent is to provide a safe space for Black Appalachian artists to share their stories and showcase their work, while also fostering our Black community with a safe space to see theatrical work,” said Jackson.

“To this end, he has begun the long process of gaining trust, and of demonstrating that Barter is invested in the lives of people in the community,” reports American Theatre. 

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