October 9, 2012

A number of T&T students and faculty are presenting their work at the IEEE Professional Communication Society conference, currently going on October 8-10, 2012. The conference is being hosted at UCF on the upper floors of the Student Union. Presenters include professors Rudy McDaniel, Paul Dombrowski, Robert Lindgren, and Madelyn Flammia; students Carolyn Glasshoff and Meghan Griffin; and recent alumna Sonia Stephens.

Founded in 1963, IEEE – the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. With over 395,000 members in 160 countries, IEEE’s fields of interests have expanded well beyond electrical/electronic engineering and computing into areas such as micro- and nanotechnology, ultrasonics, bioengineering, robotics, electronic materials, and many others.

The theme of this year’s PCS conference is Communicating Vision. Vision is one of the most important channels for communicating information, encompassing all aspects of data visualization, information design, and best graphical practices, in all forms of print and electronic media.