February 5, 2021

Alfred Uhry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Driving Miss Daisy shines a spotlight on the little moments that add up to a person’s character, and how that character can bend and change over time. Directed by MFA Theatre for Young Audience graduate Tara Kromer ’15MFA, the show — playing at Theatre West End now through February 14 — features Michael Morman as Hoke, Eileen Antonescu as Miss Daisy and Chad Lewis as Boolie.

The play, which inspired the Oscar-winning 1989 film, follows Hoke, a Black chauffeur, who is hired by Boolie Werthan to drive around Daisy, his aging Jewish mother, against her wishes. The driver and passenger spend the next 25 years together. The power of the show lies in its appreciation of the ordinary moments and conversations that ultimately define one’s life.

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