August 30, 2017

Matthew Mosher, assistant professor in UCF’s School of Visual Arta and Design (SVAD), and his projects are gaining international recognition:

His project, Tributaries of Our Distant Palpability, was installed at the Sound and Music Computing conference in Espoo, Finland. The interactive sculpture responds to changing light levels with bubbly music that recalls the ocean. The piece is a collaboration between Matthew Mosher, Tony Obr, and Danielle Wood. It will also be included in the upcoming UCF Faculty Exhibition in the UCF Art Gallery.

Mosher’s interactive sculpture, If These Walls Could Speak, will be presented at the Audio Mostly Conference in London, UK and the HASTAC conference in Orlando, FL. This artwork allows people to record audio memories and store them in physical objects, like rocks. The device can then play back memories associated with different objects. This allows for a tangible, shareable, nonlinear, audio-based diary system