September 12, 2014

Anastasia Salter’s debut book was released in August from The MIT Press.

Salter, an Assistant Professor in UCF’s School of Visual Arts & Design, co-authored Flash: Building the Interactive Web with John Murray. Salter and Murray investigate Flash’s innovative role in shaping interactive experiences on the web and new forms of gaming.

The book has been met with warm reviews from researchers in her field.

Trinity University Associate Professor Aaron Delwiche states, “Salter and Murray have written a much-needed book that documents the history of a vital cultural product. The authors do a terrific job of using Flash to cast light on a larger media landscape. Highly unique, this is the best and most provocative work I’ve encountered about emerging technologies since the publication of The Cyborg Handbook.”

Before arriving at UCF in 2014, Salter was an Assistant Professor of Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore. Her second book, What is Your Quest? From Adventure Games to Interactive Books arrives in November from University of Iowa Press.

John Murray is a Ph.D. candidate at the Expressive Intelligence Studio at the University of California, Santa Cruz.