December 7, 2015

Kovach was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in media studies, conducting collaborative research and lecturing at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania. His book Vienna in the Winter: A Visceral Experience of Time and Place is a collection of images made during his grant from the Austrian Fulbright Commission and Quartier21/Museums Quartier Artist-in-Residence 2015. This collection of distinctive images captures the city of Vienna as you’ve never seen it before and gets at the heartbeat of the city by weaving street scenes and high-rises with the elegant palaces Vienna is famous for—often including tourists having their pictures taken in the frame.

Each image was created to stand on its own as a compelling print. But compiled in this book, which also includes a daily journal written by the Artist’s wife Linda Kovach, they compose a vibrant portrait of the city—a symphony of heightened awareness, revealing hidden things and reveling in invisibility through familiarity—that celebrates daily life in the “City of Dreams.”

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