November 22, 2021
Anna Beltran '19 works on her animated film on her computer

Anna Beltran ’19, a student in the Animation and Visual Effects MFA program, is telling the story of immigrants living in the U.S. in a creative way through her work in 3D animation.  Her film centers around a little alien girl named Echo who left her home planet with her mother in search of a new home.

“A lot of it is inspired by some events that happened when I was growing up, but a lot of her personal story — Echo’s personal story — is actually taken from family, friends and some of my friends who’ve actually gone through the system as children,” said Beltran.

In addition to her work on the film, Beltran creates magical moments for Walt Disney World, including the Beacons of Magic for the resort’s 50th-anniversary celebrations.

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