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Five College of Arts & Humanities faculty members were inducted into the prestigious UCF Scroll & Quill Society, adding to four faculty inducted last year.

Alla Kourova, Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Rudy McDaniel, Professor and Director of the School of Visual Arts and Design, Florin Mihai, Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Maria Cristina (MC) Santana, Associate Professor and Director of Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and Sybil St. Claire, Associate Lecturer in the School of Performing Arts (Theatre) were all recognized for their outstanding scholarly achievements in research or creative activities.

Faculty Excellence inducted a total of 22 new members into the UCF Scroll & Quill Society, recognizing both creative and research achievements from faculty members whose careers span more than 10 years at UCF.

The Scroll and The Quill were separate societies in the 1980s at UCF; the scroll representing research achievement and the quill representing creative achievements such as published books and plays. In 2015, Faculty Excellence revamped the society, honoring legacy members and welcoming new faculty into this prestigious organization.

More than 60 faculty members and guests attended the Oct. 30 reception at the Burnett House.

“This society is a community of scholars who have continued to advance UCF’s transformational impact for at least a decade, inspiring students, fellow faculty and the community,” said Jana Jasinski, vice provost for Faculty Excellence.

The Scroll & Quill Society’s focus is on recognizing faculty members who have demonstrated sustained scholarly contributions over a period of at least ten years at UCF. These faculty members have brought positive national and/or international attention to UCF through their work, which in-turn supports UCF’s collective impact.


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