August 22, 2016

Crimes of Passion, a film written by associate professor Barry Sandler, debuts on Blu-Ray this summer. The new Blu-ray/DVD set features commentary and interviews by screenwriter Barry Sandler and director Ken Russell.

The new 2K restoration of the 1984 film is based from the original, unrated Ken Russell director’s cut. Featured is an interview by Barry Sandler, recorded specifically for the Blu-ray in which he discusses his role as the film’s writer and producer, along with his screenwriting career.

In a recent review from the highly respected film journal Sight and Sound, esteemed film critic David Thompson states the film “overflows with [Sandler’s] witty, perverse dialogue.”

Crimes of Passion has gained a sizeable cult following over the years and Arrow Films, the Blu-ray’s distributor, is mounting an extensive promotional campaign in which Barry will take an active role.

Read the complete review from Sight and Sound.