July 29, 2021
Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Peter Weishar, director of the themed experience program, spoke to InPark Magazine about the new MS degree in themed experience that will be offered beginning in Fall 2021. As the first and only stand-alone degree program of its kind at a public university, the MS in themed experience teaches the unique creative skills, processes and concepts to design and produce themed environments.

“We don’t just focus on the aesthetics,” Weishar explains. “We teach context, research and encourage exploration into new applications of themed experience that range from religious spaces to retail, museums, libraries, schools, education, and of course, theme parks.”

Weishar also shared how the Orlando location enriches the program, offering students the chance to collaborate with industry members like Christie and Falcon’s Creative Group. The former will lend UCF four projectors and licenses for Christie Pandoras Box software that will be utilized in a projection mapping practicum class.

“There’s excitement and energy on all sides regarding these collaborations, which give students the opportunity to form in-depth working relationships with successful industry veterans,” Weishar says.

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Learn more about the MS in themed experience at UCF: https://www.ucf.edu/degree/themed-experience-ms/