October 1, 2018
History student Jacqueline Love

History major Jacqueline Love is a “New Voice” in the Orlando Sentinel. As a result of her independent study with faculty member James Clark, she has been able to make her opinions be known.

Love’s article discusses a nine-foot-tall bronze statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, and where she thinks  it should be relocated. In the opinion piece she divulges into the historical and racial implications surrounding the statue and the controversy over where it should be removed to, a hot-button topic in many Southern towns across the country. Love calls for the Lake County Commission to consider other historical figures to immortalize in statue.

“Jacqueline did tremendous research and developed a solid thesis to put together a column that is sure to stir debate,” said Clark.

Peter Larson, chair of the department, is Love’s advisor within the history program. “She found her focus at UCF and has benefited from support by the History faculty and our dedicated advising staff,” he commented. Love is set to graduate this December.

“As a fourth generation Floridan, I enjoyed the research and writing on this article with Dr. Clark’s assistance,” Love said.

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