October 24, 2017

This year HASTAC 2017 will take place at the University of Central Florida. At this conference, a number of panels will take place relating to this year’s theme of “The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities.” One of the panels featured at HASTAC is led by UCF’s History Department’s Dr. Tiffany Earley-Spadoni. She, along with three students, will present, “Digital Storytelling as Public History/Archaeology: a View from the Vayots Dzor Fortress Landscapes Project, Armenia.”

About the Panel

Digital storytelling is an outgrowth of the field of new media studies, a humanistic discipline that explores the nexus of computing, science and visual culture. Digital storytelling began as a workshop-based approach utilizing digital media to create short audio-visual stories, frequently oriented towards the autobiographical and confessional, but has subsequently expanded in its application to include fields such as public history. This roundtable discussion will present digital storytelling projects produced as the result of participation in the 2017 summer season of the Vayots Dzor Fortress Landscapes project in Armenia. On a broader level, the round table will discuss the role of digital storytelling as a tool for public presentation of research.

Dr. Tiffany Earley-Spadoni (University of Central Florida)
Travis Corwin (University of Central Florida)
Nicolas Hilliard (University of Central Florida)
Laurel Schafer (University of Central Florida)