April 30, 2018

Our T&T students have been busy contributing to the knowledge base in our discipline. Among their recent achievements are the following:

Linda Garrison contributed to Reading the World’s Stories: An Annotated Bibliography of International Youth Literature, edited by Annette Y. Goldsmith, sponsored by the US Board on Books for Young People. Dr. Goldsmith was Linda’s TA in Library School at FSU -she remembered Linda’s interests and asked her to contribute. The books are all award winners, originally published outside of the US, then translated and published here. It is a great resource for anyone looking for international literature.

Bartley Argo, Nicholas DeArmas, Amanda Hill, Sara Raffel, and Shelly Welch published “The Way It Used to Be: Exploring Cultural Heritage through the Augmented Reality Story of a Neighborhood Soul Food Restaurant.” Visual Ethnography 5, no. 2 (2016). Their work describes a project the students did in Dr. Underberg-Geode’s Ethnographic Storytelling and New Media seminar.

Eric Murnane & Kenton (Taylor) Howard published “Stacking Magic: The Flexible Simplicity of Analog Rules” in Fay, Ira. “Well Played–Vol. 7, No. 1.” (2018).

Carissa Baker presented at the World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality on December 9 and was also invited to be a visiting scholar at NHTV Breda University in the Netherlands, lecturing to their students and meeting their faculty.

T&T faculty have also been busy!
Sonia Stephens provided the following news items

J.D. Applen and Sonia Stephens. (2017) “Digital humanities, middleware, and user experience design for public health applications.” Communication Design Quarterly. 5(3): 24-34.

Received grant:
Sonia Stephens. “Story Mapping and Sea Level Rise: Bringing a Global Risk Home.” 2017. ACM SIGDOC Career Advancement Research Grant, $1,500. Co-Pl with D. Richards, Old Dominion University.

Maria Harrington reported the following

  1. She had a poster in HASTAC 2017: “Ripples in a Pond: How Virtual Reality may be a Tool of Impact for the Humanities” 2.) Plants Beyond Limits Conference Friday, UCF, November 10th, 1:20 pm-2:00 pm:
  2. Conference presentation and demonstration: “The Virtual UCF Arboretum Project”
  3. Her proposal to present at the 2018 Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Conference has been accepted in the Application Session category. “Successful Emergent Team Formation Methods and Process at UCF Digital Media, using Webcourses Discussion Feature and Ideation Techniques” January 31 – February, 2018
  4. She attended the NSF Grants Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, November 13014, 2017.
  5. Her AR Diorama Exhibit project with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is under development as an approved project of the Museum and SVAD students will be placed in paid internships on the project in the Spring of 2018.
  6. She was invited to be a core faculty member of UCF Learning Sciences Cluster Core Faculty
  7. She was invited to teach in May 2018 at the The Fachhochschule Salzburg University in Austria

Anne Sullivan reports the following

  1. Showed the game Loominary at the Electronic Literature Organization Festival 2017 in Porto, Portugal
  2. Presented on a Reimagining Interfaces and Interaction in Narrative Games panel with Anastasia Salter
  3. Showed the game Loominary at the SAAM Arcade event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (-20K attendees)
  4. Presented (with a proceedings publication) a paper with Anastasia Salter called A Taxonomy of Narrative­ centric Board and Card Games -Foundations of Digital Games (FOG 2018)
  5. Co-organized and ran a {craft, game} play workshop at HASTAC
  6. Presented on a Computational Craft panel at HASTAC
  7. Presented in March (with proceedings publication) a paper called “Loominary: Crafting Tangible Artifacts from Player Narrative -Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions” (TEI 2018)
  8. Invited to be the featured lecturer in April 2018 for the Coded Couture art exhibit at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology

Congratulations to T&T students and faculty! Keep up the great work!