June 13, 2014

Two College of Arts & Humanities faculty members were granted emeritus status Wednesday during the annual Founders’ Day ceremony.

The status is awarded to faculty and administrators who have worked at the university for at least five years. The title honors the contributions and distinction they achieved at the university, and grants them a lifetime link to UCF.

Madison (Ke) Francis, Professor Emeritus, will retire this spring after a 15-year career at UCF in the College of Arts and Humanities. Prior to joining UCF, Francis spent an impressive 26 years in industry. He has been recognized nationally and internationally for his distinctive scholarly and creative activity, which includes close to 100 professional exhibitions, numerous awards and major permanent collections. He helped unite the digital media an art programs and faculty and served as founding faculty member and director for the Flying Horse Editions, UCF’s fine arts press. His colleagues laud his generosity, open-mindedness and willingness to support others.

Michael Moshell, Professor Emeritus, had a 30-year career at UCF and played a key role in developing UCF’s digital media program. Moshell will retire in July from the School of Visual Arts and Design within the College of Arts and Humanities. He made pivotal contributions to the development of virtual reality at UCF and beyond, earning the university nearly $5 million in grants and contracts from agencies such as the U.S. Army and National Science Foundation. He wrote the initial grant proposal to the state to establish UCF’s highly ranked Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. He’s also used his creativity to make science, technology and media arts more accessible to young learners.