January 23, 2012

A series of prints created at Flying Horse Editions in collaboration with Theo Lotz and Larry Cooper is currently being featured at the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis.

This collection of prints investigates the phenomenon of globalization and the disappearance of local culture and the gradual homogenization of American life. Inspired by a seven-day trip in Orlando, it was originally conceived to be seven interrelated, recto-verso prints that could be bound together and folded in a sequence that is suggestive of a road map. These prints combine woodblock and letterpress techniques and digital and relief printing, as well as hand coloring on Kitakata paper. Synthesizing images, texts, notations and manipulated drawings, they also incorporate abstract maps, Disneyesque images and generic hotel floor plans that suggest modern and post-modern cities.

A fully illustrated catalogue with essays by Katherine Van Uum and Theo Lotz, the director of Flying Horse Editions, accompanies the exhibition. More information and detailed images of the prints can be found here at the Bruno David Gallery website.