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March 12, 2018
Florida Conference of Humanities Treasurer, Dr. Jesse Hingson present Colin Cook with award prize.

UCF History students were awarded for presenting the best papers at the annual Florida Conference of Historians.
Graduate student Colin Cook was presented with the Blaine T. Browne Award for his paper titled “Scottish Identity and Presbyterian in Antrim, 1613 – 1670.” The award is given out each year to the best paper written by a graduate student at the meeting.
The Florida Conference of Historians also recognizes the best undergraduate student paper at each annual meeting with the J. Calvitt Clarke III Award. This year’s undergraduate recipient was UCF undergraduate student John Lancaster. Lancaster received the award for his paper title “Politicizing Health: The Nazis’ Forgotten Anti-Smoking Campaign and Twentieth Century Eugenics.”
Originally named the Florida College Teachers of History, the Florida Conference of Historians’ roots can be traced back to 1962. The organization exists to cover all historical fields while providing historians with an opportunity to share their scholarship.
The organization presents awards to students every year at its annual meeting. The Blaine T. Browne Award and the J. Calvitt Clarke II Award are named after historians who have made significant, contributions to the historical society.
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