March 16, 2015

Ben Lancaster will be honored with UCF’s Graduate Teaching Assistant Award at the 12th Annual Graduate Research Forum on March 31, 2015.

"I’m so grateful and humbled to receive this award,” says Ben, “and I hope it’s a testament to the great work that all of the TAs in SVAD do on a daily basis,"

"The UCF film faculty has been so supportive of both my creative endeavors and my work as a teaching assistant, just as has the university as a whole has provided fantastic opportunities and experiences for those of us who have chosen academia as our future profession. I’d like to thank the entire faculty and administration, but particularly my mentor, Lisa Peterson, without whose unwavering help and encouragement I would not have been given this award."

Peterson, Associate Professor of Film, says, "This award confirms what I already know—Ben is a star player for us and, as a UCF graduate, he will continue to make us proud out in the world. Students respect his experience in the field in which they want to succeed and they are grateful for his generosity in sharing his knowledge. Ben shares his firsthand knowledge as a filmmaker generously with his students and does so with maturity, accountability and commitment to helping the student get the most out of the process."

The UCF graduate council recommended Lancaster based on his exceptional skill, dedication and commitment towards leadership in a classroom setting.

College of Arts & Humanities dean José Fernández says, "Ben Lancaster is an example of excellence in teaching. Our collegeis very proud that he is the recipient of this prestigious award."

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