May 7, 2015

Jeffrey Ashkin’s film, Frankenstein With Benefits, was awarded Best Screenplay at the 2015 LA Comedy Festival Screenplay Competition.

Frankenstein With Benefits is a horror/comedy about an online dating expert that tries to pair up an undead monster with the right mate.

The Los Angeles Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival in the United States featuring film, live comedy acts, and a screenplay competition. This festival’s dual emphasis is on discovering great comedic talent with the purpose of promoting it to the entertainment industry and the LA public, as well as showcasing the works of seasoned professionals and well-known stars.

Jeffrey Ashkin is a UCF Film B.F.A. graduate known for his work on Bottom Floor (2004), Technical Support (2011) and Got Your Message (2013).

Ashkin’s short film Technical Support centered on a man who discovers that he lives in a virtual world and is controlled by computer techs. Created with a modest budget, this film was very well received at Central Florida Film Festival in October 2012.

For a full list of awards from the 2015 LA Comedy Festival, follow through to the LA Comedy Festival website.

You can see more from Jeffrey Askins on his IMDB page and comedic sketches on his Youtube Channel.