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October 11, 2017

Students from Dr. Hong Zhang’s Chinese history class attended a local celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Also referred to as the Moon Festival, it’s one of the most important Chinese festivals and takes place when the moon is at its brightest during the lunar calendar.
“Seeing the diverse array of people that not only attended the festival but took part in it showed me that Chinese history and culture can unite people and communities in new and interesting ways,” explained senior student Konstantine Grigoras.
Students spent their time immersed in rich displays of Chinese culture. Fashion shows featuring 20th Century traditional Chinese clothing and lively Tai Ji performances were among some of the many events that took place.
“My favorite moment of the festival was probably the performance of one of the dances,” said second year student Ashley Alligood. “I love to watch dancing and I quite liked the fans with long fabric that looked like flower petals.”
Dr. Zhang is teaching Modern China and the History of Chinese Civilization courses this semester.