July 9, 2021
Screenshot from Eclectic Knights event

Few College of Arts and Humanities events touch as many CAH alumni and community members as Eclectic Knights, CAH’s annual exhibition celebrating visual arts at UCF. This “Knight of Art” features works by UCF alumni, faculty, staff and students on any subject in a variety of media. In 2020, the college also hosted a livestream of the event that was widely successful.

The event was a collaboration between the College of Arts and Humanities Alumni Chapter, OMA staff and the UCF Office of Instructional Resources. Produced with a combination of live interviews with Eclectic Knights artists and special guest speakers such as the college’s dean, School of Visual Arts and Design directors, the college’s Alumni Chapter members and other volunteers. In addition to live interviews, students and alumni were featured in prerecorded segments, spotlighting performers, alumni-owned businesses, and arts faculty with behind the scenes looks at the artist studios, the Theatre UCF costume shop, UCF Black Steel and Flying Horse Editions.

About 2020 Eclectic Knights

  • September 3, 2020 at the Orlando Museum of Art
  • 12th annual exhibition
  • 600 people attended 6-day event
  • 34 artists and 50 works
  • Livestream reach: 16,437 and growing
  • Facebook Live preview: 4,267 people, 856 engagements, 1,790 views, and 222 reactions, comments and shares for the related Facebook Live event