December 31, 2012

Associate Professor E. Brady Robinson’s documentary “Desks as Portraits: An Inside Look at the DC Art World” has been featured in the launch of Art Photo Index which includes nearly 3,000 vetted photographers and photo-based artists from 85 countries with 12,000 images.

Art Photo Index is owned and operated by Photo-Eye and was conceived by Rixon Reed, Founder/Director of Photo-Eye.  Considered to be one of the leading resources for art photography, Photo-Eye includes a world-renowned online photography bookstore, expert photobook auctions, a contemporary photography gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and an online gallery, Photographer’s Showcase, that shows and sells work by emerging artists.

API’s audience includes curators, gallery directors, publishers, picture editors, collectors, educators and others who have a serious interest in art photography. The index is designed to help picture researchers and lovers of photography quickly discover, browse and collect work by photographic artists.