January 8, 2013

Associate Professor E. Brady Robinson’s photograph “Jerusalem Model A.D. 66” was featured in Washington City Paper recently as among the top ten photographs in Washington, DC exhibits 2012 by Art Critic Louis Jacobson. The photo, from Robinson’s series “Scenes from Jesusland,” was on exhibit in “Click: Space & Time” last summer at Addison/Ripley Fine Art and documents the Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park in Orlando.

As the Washington City Paper writes, ‘Some of her images in “Click: Space & Time” – an exhibit of how photography represents “two-dimensional space at a fixed instant in time” – are Martin Parr-inspired deadpan photographs of park visitors. But her most impressive photograph features a scale model of ancient Jersualem, compellingly disorienting for its mixture of human-sized figures among the miniatures.’