November 28, 2017

Mikael Romo, one of DWR’s alumni, recently had an article accepted into Composition Forum with Drs. Wardle and Hall. Below is an overview of his experience with writing this article, how it began, and when we can expect the article to come out.

“Our article reminds me of those end-of-the-semester reflection assignments that composition instructors would have students write to get them to probe what they learned throughout the course. Except, this article is a case study that explores the learning that happens throughout a writing program, not just a single course. Ours is titled “Teaching and Learning Threshold Concepts in a Writing Major: Liminality, Dispositions, and Program Design.”
When I was in capstone during my last semester of college, Elizabeth Wardle saw an opportunity for us all explore what deep learning looks through my experience of tutoring in the writing center as well as through my experience in the Writing & Rhetoric program. Co-authoring this article with my former instructors has been a dynamic process, full of stops and starts, collaborative revision, generative feedback, and even more revision.
We can expect the article to come out in the Spring 2018 volume of Composition Forum”. 

We are pleased to have alumni who are working hard, as well as having faculty who work with current and former students. Stay tuned to the Spring 2018 issue of Composition Forum!