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January 11, 2018

Over 200,000 people have migrated from Puerto Rico since hurricane Maria devastated the island. Following the storm’s landfall, the Central Florida area has become a refuge to a growing number of Puerto Ricans impacted by the storm. Dr. Luis Martinez-Fernandez, UCF Professor of History, continues to share his expert knowledge on Latinos in the United States with local, national and international audiences.
He was invited by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Orlando focusing on hurricane Maria, its impact on Puerto Rico and the storms impact on Puerto Rican migration to Central Florida. The presentation, entitled “Before-and-after Maria”, was presented to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Orlando’s Trustees Annual Meeting.

Additionally, in a recent interview by the National Public Radio (NPR) program “Marketplace”, Dr. Martinez-Fernandez explains how the storm has created a sense of urgency, disrupting the ways in which people migrate from the island to the mainland. To catch the full NPR segment, click the link below.…/strong-ties-between-puerto-ri…