October 21, 2015

Recent UCF Digital Media Graduates Peter Milko, Percy Legendre IV and Sean Pinnock of Blacksea Odyssey create Video Game coming soon to PCs and consoles in Spring 2016.

Blacksea Odyssey is an American independent game studio based in Orlando, Florida founded in 2015 by Peter Milko, Percy Legendre IV, and Sean Pinnock after they graduated from the University of Central Florida where they studied game design and development together. They respond about their experience at UCF which led them to their collaborative work:

UCF armed us with the skillsets to tackle the obstacles we face as we pursue our game development dreams. – Sean

As indie game developers, it’s important that we’re well rounded and familiar with all areas of game development – art, programming, and design. UCF¹s program makes sure students dabble in each of these areas at least once, and it’s helped a lot. – PJ

The most important we’ve learned while studying game design at UCF is to simply work hard and take initiative both inside and outside of the classroom. – Peter

They teamed up at the Global Game Jam 2015 where they first prototyped the concept for Blacksea Odyssey, a multi-directional space shoot `em up about hunting giant space creatures. The simple prototype received positive feedback from the local community and the team decided to pursue the idea. Over the next two months, the team built an advanced prototype to pitch to indie publishers. Blacksea Odyssey generated interest within the industry and the studio teamed up with independent publisher Mastertronic and will be coming to PCs and consoles in Spring 2016.

More about Blacksea Odyssey

View the Trailer at: http://BlackseaOdyssey.com/