June 8, 2017

RICHES (the Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences and Stories) includes a permanent archive of Resilience: Remembering Pulse and Pulse: A Consultation, plus five additional projects: Florida Pride and Shame by Amanda Polk; Black in White by Kimari Jackson; Literature for the Resistance by Jaclyn Crawford; Central Florida Pulse: The Tragedy of Place and the Power of Activism by Mia Tangor, Carys O’Neill and Savannah Bitto; and A Cultural Poultice by Abigail Padfield, Debra Fuqua, Kathryn Girvan, and Christopher Foley. These projects were created by undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Visual Arts and Design and graduate students in the Texts and Technology Ph.D. program. Dr. Connie Lester, Associate Professor of History was part of the group of faculty that taught the Texts and Technology course.
The Citizen Curator Project of Central Florida was made possible by an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant.