July 1, 2021

Student uses VR headset at UCF Celebrates the Arts
2020–2021 funded research projects involving UCF College of Arts and Humanities personnel include:

Micro-credentialing of English Learner Teaching Skills (U.S. Department of Education)

Dual Language Support through Technology Enhanced Programs and Strategies (U.S. Department of Education)

Development and Use of Academic and Professional Multilingual Literacies by Bilingual Faculty: A Multi-Institutional Study in Three Countries (National Council of Teachers of English)

Hebni Nutrition Book/ToolKit (Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc)

The Story of Pompeii: A Visual History (Orlando Science Center)

FCI: The New First Line of Defense: Building Community Resilience through Residential Risk Disclosure Resilience (National Academy of Sciences)

Understanding Digital Culture: Humanist Lenses for Internet Research (National Endowment for the Humanities)

Artificial Social Intelligence to support Macrocognition in Teams (DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

2019 Student Art Exhibit Sponsorship (Pegasus Hotel)

Lead…Like a Girl (City of Orlando)

Herbert (Tommy) James Architecture Partnership

A Cyber-team SMART Room for Effectively Assessing Immersive Collaborative Reverse Engineering (DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

Using the Lens of Women’s Roles to Study History, Literature, Economics and Politics to Confer Language and Cultural Proficiency, While Enriching the Curriculum with Original Multi-Media Resources (U.S. Department of Education)

Institutional Transformation: Intersections of Moral Foundations and Ethics Frameworks in STEM Enculturation (National Science Foundation)

2020 STARTALK (National Security Administration)

Expanding UCF’s Center for Humanities and Digital Research (CHDR) Infrastructure, Research, and Public Programming (National Endowment for the Humanities)

Florida Prison Education Project (Laughing Gull Foundation)

Matthew Johnson Architecture Partnership

Shoe Design and Branding

Latinx/Latin American Film Series: A film series to highlight significant social issues (PRAGDA)

Increasing PTSD Treatment Efficiency Using Innovative Technological Tools (U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity)

Before a research grant is awarded, considerable time and effort go into preparing the proposal. We recognize and thank CAH faculty and staff involved in research grant proposals in 2020–21:

Chelsea Anagnoson
Jonathan Beever*
Louise Bishop*
Martha Brenckle*
Robert Cassanello
Ilenia Colon Mendoza
Victor Davila*
Matt Dombrowski
Esmeralda Duarte
Patricia Farless
Luis Favela*
Stephen Fiore
William Fogarty*
Scot French*
Luciana Garbayo*
Amy Giroux
Fon Gordon
Jason Gregory*
Herbert James*
Matthew Johnson*
Emily Johnson*
Mark Kamrath
Alla Kourova*
Connie Lester*
Marie Leticee*
Julia Listengarten
Kevin Meehan
Florin Mihai
Esther Milu*
Tracey Morrison*
Yovanna Pineda
Laurie Pinkert
Kerry Purmensky
Maria Redmon
Anastasia Salter*
Maria Santana*
Joel Schneier
Sarah Singer*
Amanda Snyder
Mel Stanfill
Stella Sung
Gergana Vitanova
Keri Watson*
*primary investigator