June 4, 2015

Ryan Buyssens’ kinetic sculpture “Resistance” is being exhibited this month in London as part of the 3D Printshow.

The 3D Printshow brings together key players from the entire 3D-printing ecosystem. From engineers and product designers to brands and makers, they explore how 3D printing is used for industries, businesses, brands and consumers.

Resistance is an interactive, mechatronic sculpture that emulates the articulated flapping of a bird’s wings. Resistance is a prototype for a series of mechanical birds that are to be mounted to a wall and, through various intensities of flapping, will respond to the viewers’ movements within the exhibition space.

With this series, Buyssens set out to synthesize his passion for designing mechanical systems with his interest in the kinematics of a bird’s wings. Buyssens describes his sculptures as being simultaneously inviting and intimidating with their graceful, fluid motion contrasted by the direct reactivity of their activation.

Buyssens blends time-based media and emerging technologies with classic fabrication methods to produce mechanized contraptions that graft the natural with unnatural and deftly conflate the pragmatics of form and function into an authentic aesthetic experience.

Robert Reedy, SVAD professor, describes Buyssens’ work as having “a wonderful sense of curiosity and imagination for the viewer. In an art world that can sometimes seem cold and impersonal Buyssen’s work is thought provoking, interactive and enticing.” ‬

You can read more about Buyssens and his work at 3D Print Show and Buyssen’s website.