March 21, 2013

An artist’s book created at UCF’s Flying Horse Editions by James Siena, Sequence One, and was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in 2011, is included in their current exhibition,”Abstract Generation: Now in Print.”

Sequence One, which was printed and published by Flying Horse Editions, “is a hand-printed, double-sided accordion book that stretches seventeen-feet long. The double-sided book follows a linear, geometric pattern as it coalesces and unwinds through thirty-six pages, black intertwining with red, and in reverse. The abstraction climaxes on two final frames (back and front), where the sequence reaches its full realization and the rule is maximized, having gone through seventeen ‘moves.'”

The art exhibit is being held at MoMa on March 15 through June 24, 2013. More information about the exhibit.

More information about James Siena