January 29, 2018

Karen Kelly currently lives about an hour away from Paris in the historic city of Rouen, Normandy teaching English to French children.
Since graduating from UCF in 2017 with a BA in History, Karen has started working as a teaching assistant through the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). The program is an initiative through the French government allowing graduates to teach English in French schools.
“I do lessons in English about the United States, American history and culture, holidays, etc.,” said Kelly. “We also play a lot of games and listen to music and listen to music.”

Kelly attributes the skills and experience she uses while making her lesson plans to her involvement to the UCF-Hillcrest Foreign Language Club. The program provides UCF students studying Spanish and French with an opportunity to enhance the academic growth at Hillcrest Elementary.
“So far, the whole experience has been amazing,” said Kelly. “I would definitely recommend the program, and the Académie de Rouen in particular, to anyone who is interested in living abroad.”
Students interested in participating in the UCF-Hillcrest Foreign Language Club can contact the History Department at 407-823-2225.