January 8, 2013

UCF alum Metrah Pashaee’s new experimental video Talking Me was selected from 350 international submissions to screen at the Microscope Gallery’s now what program in Brooklyn.

Talking Me is a cinematic Dadaist collage comprised of appropriations from online videos. By subtly manipulating preexisting pieces and choreographing these images to a distorted soundtrack, the film creates a dialogue between rhythm, movement, and language phonetics. Pashaee likens the work to a moving image run-on sentence.

Metrah Pashaee is an experimental multi-media artist. She graduated UCF in 2012 with a B.A. in Film —Cinema Studies and a minor in Art History.

Now what features screenings and performances of new and recent works from established to emerging artists working with Super 8mm or 16mm film, digital video, video games, appropriated footage (from Youtube, Google & other sources), music video, performance and more.