April 2, 2018
honorees of 2018 CAH staff awards

Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the 2018 College of Arts & Humanities Staff Awards. Lauren Becker and Arlene Flores, both from the School of Performing Arts, and Christine Michel, from the School of Visual Arts & Design, won the USPS and A&P awards, which each come with a monetary award. The nominees included Haley Baker (English), Gary Brown (Performing Arts), Maribel Herrera (Philosophy), Susan Jefferson (Modern Languages & Literatures), John Parker (Performing Arts), and Dave Schreier (Performing Arts).
The first USPS Award is given in memory of the late Dr. David Vickers. The second USPS Award is given in honor of Dr. Bruce Whisler. They both were dedicated and outstanding faculty members of the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Arts & Humanities. The award given to an A&P employee is in honor of the late Tony Travaglini. Tony was an exceptional staff member of the college and gave his time and his expertise generously.
Additionally, staff members were honored for years of service at UCF.
For 5 years:

  • Lauren Becker, SPA
  • Steven Blackburn, SVAD
  • Christine Michel, SVAD

For 10 years:

  • Osepha Felix, Writing & Rhetoric
  • John Parker, SPA

For 15 years:

  • Kristin Wetherbee, CAH Dean’s Office

For 20 years:

  • Jeff Golub, SPA
  • Barbara Kelly-Hursey, SPA
  • Maryline Rosario, CAHSA

For 25 years:

  • Patricia Coderre, CAH Dean’s Office

Thank you to the awards committee, Dr. Peter Larson, Department of History; Heather Simeon, Office of the President; and Cathy Baust, Department of Philosophy (a former recipient of a CAH Staff Recognition award). We’d also like to thank SVAD Marketing Coordinator, Hannah Estes; CAH Web Project Manager, Matt Dunn; and CAH Office Assistant, Wendy Perez for coordinating the event.