March 6, 2018

The UCF Research Incentive Awards (RIA) program supports outstanding research, scholarly, and creative activity that advances the body of knowledge in a particular field, including interdisciplinary research and collaborations. This award recognizes employee contributions to UCF’s key goal of achieving international prominence in research and creative activities.
The College of Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce eleven 2018 awardees:

  • James Campbell, English
  • Barbara Gannon, History
  • Ann Gleig, Philosophy
  • Julia Listengarten, School of Performing Arts (Theatre)
  • Humberto Lopez, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Chiara Mazzucchelli, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Florian Mihai, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Lisa Mills, School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Shelley Park, Philosophy
  • Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Bert Scott, School of Performing Arts (Theatre)