You and your advisor should use the B.A. Student Checklist of requirements to plan your next steps and keep track of your progress toward the degree. This checklist reflects the official degree requirements for the for the B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

You and your advisor should confirm that you have met all of the General Education Requirements, and, if not, include remaining courses into your planning on the checklist.
What does the major involve?
  • 36 hours of coursework, including three core courses about writing and rhetoric in civic, professional, and academic contexts
  • A writing internship or other practicum course
  • An e-portfolio that showcases your repertoire of communication-related skills to potential employers
  • A capstone course in which you integrate learning from across various aspects of the major and complete a culminating project
  • A 0-credit course in which you workshop and complete your e-portfolio
  • A complementary minor, certificate, or self-designed area of study.

For information (requirements, suggestions, resources, student samples) about the required e-portfolio, see the Writing E-Portfolio Student Guide and Resource Site.