Planning and Navigating Your Pegasus Path

Graduating students, alumni, faculty and staff, and employers have indicated that student learning occurs in coursework but also in co-curricular, involvement, workplace, and career or grad school preparation experiences. Accordingly, UCF has launched the Pegasus Path initiative that asks students to work with faculty and other advisors to create intentional learning pathways for navigating degree requirements but also for exploring and making connections to other types of learning opportunities, including (but not limited to) research, service-learning, internships and externships, volunteering, involvement in student and professional organizations, campus events, career preparation activities, work experiences, and study abroad. For more about Pegasus Path, see this video.

Although your Pegasus Path will be personalized around your professional, civic, and personal goals, our program has created Pegasus Path planning guides for a number of (but not all) career sectors that graduates of Writing & Rhetoric might enter. Keep in mind that you might create a Pegasus Path that draws from more than one guide. In addition, we’ll be updating these guides and adding new ones based on your and others’ feedback.

Each pathway guide below suggests a general progression for moving through degree requirements and connecting these to a number of relevant and promising co-curricular, involvement, and career preparation experiences at UCF and beyond. In addition to planning such experiences, our program asks you to document, reflect on, and showcase your learning across them in the required writing e-portfolio. Because the B.A. in Writing & Rhetoric has a somewhat flexible structure and requires a minor or certificate, the curricular element of each pathway guide includes suggestions of which courses and minors/certificates to consider.

For more about minors, certificates, and elective courses, go to this page.

For links to the various student and professional organizations, events, resources, and opportunities referenced in the pathway guides, go here.

Pathway Guides

Co-Curricular Transcript

UCF enables students to develop an official co-curricular transcript, created through KnightConnect and validated by the Office of Student Involvement. All Writing and Rhetoric majors should consider taking advantage of this opportunity. The purpose of this transcript is to “encourage student involvement and enhance the learning process by documenting experiences which occur outside the classroom.” To access the co-curricular transcript site, log into KnightConnect with your UCF nid and password, select the “Select your interests to find opportunities” button on the left navigational bar, and then select the “Co-Curricular Transcript” button on the bottom button of the left nav bar. You can use KnightConnect to explore, select, and manage the involvement, service, and leadership experiences that interest you and become part of your Pegasus Path.