Call for Papers 2018 IWIC Women in Tech: The Next Generation of Activists

February 16 and 17, 2018
Key West Ballroom, Student Union, University of Central Florida
Time: 9:00-5:00 PM
The conference invites dialogues surrounding Women’s Issues about the areas of information and knowledge: power and leadership; education and policy; technology and infrastructure that affect women in the intersection of race, social class, gender and sexuality on intellectual and institutional perspectives,local and global forums, public and intimate spaces. All disciplines and levels of professional and graduate scholarship are welcome. This conference will foster the discussions of global issues affecting women directly or indirectly through education, the use of technology and the transformation of leadership skills.
Abstracts- Due by September 4, 2017, acceptance letter sent on September 20th, 2017.
1. Include the following: Author/s, Affiliation, Title, Email address
2. Specify format:research paper, panel or roundtable discussion
3. Please submit at [email protected]
Full papers – Due November 4, 2017, submit if interested in being considered for publication with 2018 IWIC ISBN number.
1. Include one separate title page containing title, authors, affiliation, and the address, phone and email of lead author.
2. Include Abstract on a separate page.
3. Your name and affiliation should not appear anywhere in the paper (only on the title page)
4. Please submit at [email protected]
Evaluation criteria
All research paper submissions will be evaluated on originality and importance of topic: literature review; clarity of research purpose; focus; use of original and primary sources and how they support the paper’s purpose and conclusions; writing quality and organization; and the degree to which the paper contributes to women’s issues. All submissions will be blind juried, and submissions from graduate students as well as faculty are encouraged.
Art/Communication/Media/ Culture/Development/ Policy/ Diversity/ Governance/ Youth/ Leadership/ Gender/ Health/ Higher Education/ Motherhood/ NGO’s/ Professional Development/ Race/ Religion/ Sexuality/ Social Class/ Social Justice/ Science/ STEM/ Activism/ Sprirituality/ Transnational Feminism/ War/ Women in Crisis/ Workforce issues
Dr. Anne Bubriski-McKenzie
Dr. Rosa Cintron Delgado
Dr. Shiva Jahani
Dr. Sheida Jahani
Dr. Tom Owens
Dr. Leandra Preston-Sidler
Dr. Houman Sadri
Dr. M.C. Santana

Attending the conference does not require a fee nor registration. Only presenters pay a registration fee.
United States Presenters ($100.00)
International Presenters ($400.00)
Graduate Student Presenters ($25.00)
UCF Faculty ($50.00)
DEADLINE for registration is October 20th, 2017.