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Kirsten Cherry

August 20, 2021

We spoke with former Big and Facilitator, Kirsten Cherry, on her experiences with Science Leadership and Mentoring. She graduated from UCF in Spring 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Forensic Science with minors in Chemistry and Crime, Law, and Deviance. Kirsten started out as a Big with the Young Women Leader's Program (SLAM's predecessor) in Fall 2016 and worked with YWLP and SLAM until her graduation. What prompted you to first join SLAM (formerly YWLP)? I wanted to find a way to get... Read More

Camille Robinson

July 25, 2021

Interview with former YWLP Facilitator and Big Sister, Camille Robinson (see page 10):  Camille has graduated from Kings College in London, England with a Master's Degree in International Conflict, Security and Development focusing on women's and girls' rights. Camille graduated from UCF in 2017 with an bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Health and Biomedical Science and a minor in Women's Studies.... Read More

Anna V. Eskamani Service-Learning Day 2017

May 20, 2017

May 20th marks Anna V. Eskamani Service-Learning Day! Service-Learning is a major component of the Women's and Gender Studies Program, and we embrace the power of service and its integration into academics wholeheartedly. To celebrate throughout the week, we will elevate programs that impact Florida's foster children and meet successful UCF graduates who experienced foster care. Anna being Anna--super feminist activist! Victor & Anna: Victor Sims is a foster child and incredible... Read More

Heather Graves

October 14, 2015

Please give us a little background information about yourself (where you were born, what brought you to UCF, hobbies, what you studied at UCF, etc) I was born and raised in the Central Florida area and chose to go to UCF after completing my A.A. at community college. I came into UCF wanting to study Sociology but was led to focusing on Women’s Studies. I am appreciative of the learning experience the Interdisciplinary Studies – Women’s Studies Track provided me with, as I was able to... Read More