The Vayots Dzor Fortress Landscape Project is a collaborative research effort to study the rise and fall of fortress culture in southern Armenia. The project investigates fortress landscapes in the Vayots Dzor province and seeks to more thoroughly historicize the intentions, creation, and use of fortress landscapes. Founded 2017.

Principal Investigators
• Tiffany Earley-Spadoni (UCF)
• Arthur Petrosyan (IAE)
• Boris Gasparyan (IAE)

• Hayk Azizbekyan (IAE)
• Ani Adigyozalyan (IAE)
• Peter J. Cobb (University of Pennsylvania)
• Elvan Cobb (Cornell University)
• Caitlin Curtis (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)
• Hayk Haydosyan (IAE)
• Andrew Williams (University of Pennsylvania)

• The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus Collaborative Heritage Management Grant (2018-2019)
• The ASOR Mesopotamian Fellowship (2016-2017)
• The Penn Museum, the Penn Libraries and the Price Lab for the Digital Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania
• The Center for Humanities and Digital Research at the University of Central Florida
• The VPR Advancement of Early Career Researchers Grant
• The Department of History at the University of Central Florida
• The Bruce Pauley Travel Fund

Student Participants
• Christopher Besser (Penn)
• Trevor Colaneri (UCF)
• Travis Corwin (UCF)
• Jeff Daglaris (UCF)
• Jacob Finegan (UCF)
• Joshua Frederick (UCF)
• Nicholas Hilliard (UCF)
• Jennifer Markowitz (UCF)
• Malkia Okech (Penn)
• Colin Roberts (Penn)
• Laurel Schafer (UCF, UGA)
• Francee Seiler(UCF)
• Elyssa Smith (UCF)

Student Awards
• Jacob Finegan – Funding from Office of Undergraduate Research to participate in project
• Jenifer Markowitz – Travel scholarship to present at ASOR2018
• Laurel Schafer – Integrative Learning Scholarship from the College of Arts and Humanities at UCF

Project resulted in 5 directed undergraduate research opportunities.

Related Scholarship
• Earley-Spadoni, Tiffany. “Landscapes of Warfare: Intervisibility Analysis of Early Iron and Urartian Fire Beacon Stations.” Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, (2015), 22-30.