Shadows of the Past, Reflections for the Future is a short documentary about Central Florida civil rights activists Harry T. and Harriet V. Moore, who both died after being targeted in a racially motivated bombing in 1951. The film was directed by University of Central Florida associate professor Dr. Robert Cassanello (History), and Dr. Lisa Mills (Film).

The Moores were murdered as the national Civil Rights Movement was beginning to coalesce in both organizing capacity and in popular consciousness. The Moores were the only married couple murdered together for their organizing activities during the era. The film explores the Moores’ historical agency and legacy for the continuing Civil Rights Movement. The film depicts local community and historical organizations coordinating to have a museum replica of the Moores’ bombed house constructed in its original location.

Executive Producers and Directors
• Dr. Robert Cassanello
• Dr. Lisa Mills

• Bill Gary
• Ben Green
• Ben Brotemarkle
• Juanita Barton
• Evangeline Moore
• Theotis Ray
• Bob Allen
• Truman Scarborough
• Roz Foster
• Mary Purdy
• Leroy Darb

• Aaron Hosé

Student Filmmakers
• Jeffrey Boudreau
• Vanessa Brewster
• William Bristol
• Jordan Henry
• Briana Marquardt
• Patrice McWilliams
• Denae Melton
• Nicole Nelson

• Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex
• Moore Heritage Festival of the Arts and Humanities

In the News
• Helms, Terry. “Documentary Tells Powerful Civil Rights Story.” UCF Today, (October 14, 2010).