Infinite Armenias is a digital story-telling project led by University of Central Florida professor Dr. Tiffany Earley-Spadoni. Stakeholders worldwide are encouraged to create short documentary-style videos and submit them to the project. The scope of the project is to raise awareness about endangered and disappearing Armenian cultural heritage as well as efforts underway by researchers to study Armenia’s history.

Principal Investigator
• Dr. Tiffany Earley-Spadoni

• Arthur Petrosyan (Institute for Archaeology and Ethnography, Armenia)
• ARISC Armenia
• Worldwide contributors

• The Cultural Heritage Management Grant from the American Research Institute for the South Caucasus
• The Center for Humanities and Digital Research at the University of Central Florida

Student Participants
• Trevor Colaneri
• Travis Corwin
• Jacob Finegan
• Joshua Frederick
• Nicholas Hilliard
• Hayk Haydosyan
• Jennifer Markowitz
• Laurel Schafer
• Elyssa Smith

Student Awards/Research
• Travis Corwin—Presented papers on Infinite Armenias at HASTAC17, ASOR 2017 and ASOR 2018
• Jacob Finegan – Grant from Office of Undergraduate Research to participate in project
• Jennifer Markowitz – Travel scholarship to present at ASOR2018
• Laurel Schafer – Integrative Learning Scholarship from the College of Arts and Humanities at UCF, University of Georgia Impact Now (U-GAIN) Master’s • Fellows assistantship in the Digital Humanities for her work on Infinite Armenias, Presented paper at HASTAC2017
• 8 Undergraduate directed research projects

Related Scholarship
• Earley-Spadoni, Tiffany. “Spatial History, Deep Mapping and Digital Storytelling: Archaeology’s Future Imagined through an Engagement with the Digital Humanities.” Journal of Archaeological Science 84, (2017), 95–102.