November 20, 2013

UCF Modern Languages Professor Alla Kouova recently had her article Connecting Classrooms: Russian Language Teaching Project at UCF published by the Russian Language Journal. The journal is a bilingual scholarly review of research, resources, symposia, and publications pertinent to the study and teaching of Russian language and culture, as well as comparative and interdisciplinary research in Russian language, culture and the acquisition of Russian as a second language.

Abstract: The main premise of this paper is to demonstrate through the presentation of one project how the teaching of English as a foreign language in Russia and teaching of Russian as a foreign Language in America can help students learn not only about other countries and their cultures, but also open their eyes to their own local culture and promote their sense of identity and pride in its rich cultural heritage. Young people develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of cultures and societies in other countries, and also gain a better understanding of different cultural backgrounds within their own communities.

For more information about the journal, visit their website.