July 23, 2018

100 years ago on July 20, Deland resident and Stetson University student Paul Hon died in a battle “leading his platoon into a charge against the Germans” in the First World War. The battle began on July 18, 1918, under the command of French General Charles Mangin. Dr. Amelia H. Lyons attended the commemoration of these events last week, as a guest of the Mangin family.
The ceremony included the dedication of the reconstruction of the tower (click here to view the tower) from which the General led the assault, and a monument to the victory in Aisne (with the US 1st and 2nd ID listed). Paul is remembered on the tablets of the missing at the Aisne-Marne Cemetery, not far from where he died.
Student Elizabeth Klements is writing a biography on Paul Hon for the Veterans Legacy Program. It will be published on the Veterans Legacy Program website (vlp.cah.ucf.edu).