July 27, 2018
2018 UCF Fulbright scholar recipients

Three students from the College of Arts and Humanities were awarded 2018-19 Fulbright scholarships to participate in international exchange programs that strengthen international partnerships and address mutual goals for global concerns.
From the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and Department of English respectively, La Toya Crittenden ’15 ’18MA and  Virginia Vasquez ’17 will spend time in host countries teaching English and serving as cultural ambassadors. From the School of Performing Arts (Music), Corin Staves ’17 was selected for a highly competitive Fulbright research grant to continue his studies in Munich, Germany.

La Toya Crittenden ’15 ’18MA
Major: French
Destination: Seoul, South Korea
A UCF staff member, Crittenden completed a master’s in interdisciplinary studies, and received graduate certificates for gender studies and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). For her English Teaching Assistantship, Crittenden will be hosted by the Korean-American Education Commission in Seoul, South Korea. Crittenden aspires to be an advocate and ally for others, specifically in the field of equal opportunity, and hopes the Fulbright Program will provide a challenge and encourage personal growth.

Corin Staves ’17
Majors: Civil engineeringmathematics and music performance
Destination: Munich, Germany
Graduating cum laude, Staves participated in undergraduate research at UCF, co-authored a journal article on transportation, and spent a year studying abroad at the University of Cantabria in Spain and the University of Surrey in England. A pianist, Staves is drawn to Munich because of its vibrant music community and plans to join a student orchestra. He will also pursue a master’s in transportation systems at the Technical University of Munich, where he will focus on sustainable practices for public transportation.

Virginia Vasquez ’17
Major: English
Destination: Brazil
An aspiring travel writer, Vasquez participated in service-learning study abroad trips to Nicaragua and Mexico with the Burnett Honors College. While at UCF, Vasquez furthered her interest in international work by serving as an intern for Global Perspectives, focusing on human rights and human trafficking research. In February, Vasquez will begin her English Teaching Assistantship in Brazil, and is excited to learn Portuguese while immersing herself in a new culture. After completing the program, she hopes to begin a master’s program concentrating on international relations.”

A total of six UCF students were selected to receive Fulbright scholarships. Read about the three others at UCF Today.