Moshe Pelli elected President of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew in the USA

November 16, 2009

Moshe Pelli, Director of the UCF Judaic Studies Program and Abe and Tess Endowed Professor of Judaic Studies, was elected President of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew in the U.S.A.

The association, known by its acronym NAPH, is the professional organization of professors and instructors in colleges, universities and seminaries who specialize in Hebrew language, literature and culture of the ancient, medieval and modern periods, as well as professors of Judaic Studies in the US.

His term of his presidency is for two years. Pelli has been an active member of this association for several decades and has participated in its conferences since the early 1970s. He has been on its Advisory Council for many years and for the past two years has been its Vice President. He has published many of his research papers in its journals.

NAPH’s executive offices are located at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, at the Dept. of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, administered by Prof. Gilead Morahg, its Executive Vice President, a noted Hebrew scholar.

The association was founded in 1950 by Abraham I. Katsh, at that time the head of the Department of Hebrew at New York University. It was intended to bring together scholars who teach Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew. NAPH now has a membership of about 500 scholars from the US, Israel, and Europe.

NAPH holds an International Conference on Hebrew Language and Literature every spring. The conferences serve as ongoing international forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, research and information related to the study and teaching of Hebrew language, literature and culture. NAPH also conducts annual sessions and meetings in conjunction with the national conventions of the American Academy of Religion / Society of Biblical Literature in the fall of each year. It also holds its Western Regional annual meeting.

The international conference rotates each year in different location within the USA and abroad and is hosted by members’ universities. The 2007 conference took place in Sydney, Australia, and the 2008 conference will be held in Montreal, Canada. In 1995, the UCF Judaic Studies Program hosted the international conference on its campus in Orlando.

The 2008 conference will be devoted to the following topics: Hebrew language and linguistics; modern Hebrew literature and culture; Biblical and post-biblical language and literature; teaching Hebrew language and linguistics; teaching Hebrew literature and culture; Second Language Acquisition research relevant to Hebrew; technology in the Hebrew classroom. A poster session will provide participants with the opportunity to present their own textbooks, artwork, and other creative projects.

NAPH’s publications include: Hebrew Studies, an internationally recognized scholarly journal devoted to studies of Hebrew language and literature of all periods; Hebrew Higher Education, a journal for methodology and pedagogy in academic teaching of Hebrew language and literature; Iggeret, the semi-annual newsletter of NAPH.

NAPH sponsors Eta Beta Rho, the national Honors Society for students who have distinguished themselves in the study of Hebrew.