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Exploring Military Archives: New Perspectives on Old Texts
2017 Research Colloquium Presenters: Tyler Campbell, Mike Burke, and Kayla Campana
History M.A. Candidates, University of Central Florida

Deep in the stacks of the archives, three MA Candidates discovered new insights in their respective fields of study. They will discuss both the process of obtaining documents and how it has influenced their research. Tyler Campbell utilizes Civil War pensions from the National Archives in Washington D.C. to expose why men enlisted in the First Florida Cavalry (US), an all white Union regiment from Florida. Kayla Campana explores the London Imperial War Museum’s archives and uses personal papers of World War I nurses to examine trauma. Mike Burke uses data mining to analyze the well known Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies collection to assess Civil War Memory and the Lost Cause Myth in the West. Together, the presenters will demonstrate how archival materials are obtained and interpreted.

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Photograph: The London Imperial War Museum (taken by Kayla Campana)